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About Price To Win Solutions

PTW (price-to-win #ptw) Solutions is a management consulting and software company based in Wilmington, North Carolina, that enable companies to bid on more Federal Government Contracts opportunities and win more work! 
We have been in the Government Contracting (GovCon) industry since 2000 and have personally submitted over 1250 proposals totaling $5.25B in total contract value.  We are skilled in functions and create tools for program control, contracts & subcontracts management, consulting, and proposal pricing and as compliance with DCMA CPSR and DCAA Estimating Systems.

PTW has a network of services and products to assist your company with total procurement lifecycle from market research and pre-award opportunity identification, proposal and contract kick-off and program execution, and close-out of contracts and settlement of indirect rates.  We have relationships with many Federal Agency Contracting Officers and companies and excels at optimizing pricing and margins, negotiating agreements, and defending proposals that stand up to Government scrutiny to help companies win work.


PTW finds business opportunities for small businesses and helps them understand their targeted customer and study their GovCon acquisition strategy.  Determine ideal opportunities for identification, qualification, and create efficient and nimble processes that provide competitive intelligence, market research, and leverages historical pricing data to create compliant business volumes and price analysis that are compliant with Government regulators.

PTW builds confidence to business owners and operators that they are targeting the right opportunities for their business and submitting compliant and proposals manner that maximizes the probability of winning and optimizing profit margins