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Our experts have decades of government contract industry experience working as integral team member writing, submitting proposals, and negotiating directly with Contracting Officers. 

The Solution

PTW Solutions helps companies win, keep, and grow more Government business!  Government Contracting is a labyrinth and we view it as a decades-long chess game among different industries selling valuable products and services and their evolution through the years. The US Government spends trillions of dollars each year, and we are experts in helping companies win at the game of federal government contracts, and #ptw will help you quickly better understand and develop practice habits to optimize your resources, identify your problems and propose multiple solutions in order to maximize your success in the #govcon game!

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About The Owner

Jon is the founder of PTW (price to win) Solutions, Inc., a management consulting company that helps companies win more Government Contracts!  Jon has been in this Government Contracting (GovCon) industry since 2000 and has personally submitted over 1,250 proposals totaling over $4.25B in total contract value.  Jon is highly skilled in program control, contracts & subcontracts management, consulting, and proposal pricing and has overseen annual business of over $150M per year.