In this podcast Jon discusses about Contracting Officers, competitive signals, sections L and M, winning versus executing, language interpretation, and more. This podcast is packed with helpful information. Here are a few timestamps where you can find this information.


10:20 Mark – Contracting officer has the authority; not the influence.  The Contracting Officer Representative (COR) has the influence, but not the authority.  

28:36 mark – Interpreting all the Competitive signals given off by the industry.

33:55 Mark – Section L Instructions & Section M Evaluation Criteria

40:20 – Winning and Executing and two different problems

46:00  German or French interpretation/compliance is subjective

59:58 – What can I do to help you?  You’re the revenue generator and I’m the cost center.  

1:04:10 – good for me as a shareholder was a horrible deal for me as a taxpayer.  

1:05:50 – I tell it like I see it; And if that upsets people, that’s their problem.  

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